Your First Time

We want you to have a great first time doing Mysore Ashtanga. Beginners are welcome!

Park in the back. Come through the gate and the backdoor. You’ll see where to take off your shoes.

Meet your teacher, Dawn or Sharon. They smile a lot. They’ll teach you a Sun Saluation. It’s simple, but athletic. It wakes you up. Your practice will take 35-40 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll feel relaxed, like you woke-up from a nap.

Then say a few words to the teacher or leave quietly.

  • Bring a yoga mat.
  • The room is 80-85 F. You may want a towel.
  • Water is available. Traditionally, you do not drink during practice.
  • Stay focused on your breath and movements by not talking.

Over time, you’ll memorize the series, learn new poses and deepen your practice. Your teachers will adjust you based on your body and needs.

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