Taylor Hunt: Weekend of Ashtanga March 27-29, 2020

Weekend of Ashtanga with KPJAYI Level 2 Authorized Teacher Taylor Hunt

March 27th – 29th, 2020

Please join us at Abundance Wellness Center (325 John Knox Rd, Building T, Tallahassee, FL 32303) for a weekend of ashtanga yoga: $200 (early bird/student rate: $150) for the full weekend. Prices for individual sessions listed below. Scroll down to pay now!

taylor hunt


Mysore Practice

8-10 am (Saturday and Sunday)
Taylor will teach a self-led mysore-style practice on Saturday and Sunday morning 8-10 am. If you’ve never practiced mysore-style ashtanga, you can read about how it is practiced in traditional form in Mysore, India here. Mysore is a guided self practice. This is a personal teaching style designed for your background in yoga. All skill levels are welcome (including beginners!!) — the studio will be open and available for you to come at your convenience from 7:45 am to 10 am (please arrive no later than 9 am). If you’ve only practiced ashtanga with a teacher providing cues for each pose, this practice is different in that teachers guide you to practice by memory.


Friday March 27th, 6pm-7:30 pm: What is Ashtanga Yoga? 

Why do we commit to a consistent practice? How do we apply the lessons that are learned on our mat? Join Taylor to dive deeper into the philosophy behind the Ashtanga method. Learn about the therapeutic benefits and how the practice translates into our daily lives.

Saturday March 28th, 12pm-2pm: Exploring Backbends 

Backbends are a wonderful way to strengthen the back and balance the body after the many forward folds of the Primary Series. Learn proper alignment and technique to safely approach back bending. We will explore a diverse collection of backbends from the Primary and Second series designed to open the front of the body and realign the spine. This is a fun and challenging workshop for all levels of practitioners.

Sunday March 29th, 12pm-2pm: Functional Anatomy

In this workshop, we will take a look at the construction of the body as it relates to functional anatomy and basic movements that arise in Ashtanga yoga. This course is designed for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the major muscle groups, skeletal structure, and ligaments that are used in our daily practice. We will pay special attention to the areas that often restrict movement and cause the most dysfunction. With increased clarity on how the body works, the practitioner is able to perform the repetitive motions of the practice in a more informed manner in order to avoid injury and sustain long-term practice.

Taylor’s Bio:

Taylor Hunt is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga. He makes yearly trips to Mysore, India to further his studies at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) under the guidance of his teacher, R. Sharath Jois. In 2013, Taylor w as granted Level 2 Authorization to teach and has had the honor of assisting at KPJAYI on several occasions. Taylor is dedicated to sharing the healing practice with others and providing a community where practitioners can find support in their practice and daily lives. Seeking to preserve the traditional method, Taylor teaches daily Mysore classes at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus and offers workshops around the world. He is also the author of A Way From Darkness and director of the Trini Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the life-changing practice of Ashtanga with those suffering from addiction. He continues to inspire others through his story of personal transformation and accessible approach to the practice. To learn more about Taylor’s story and life’s work, please visit http://www.awayfromdarkness.com and http://www.trinifoundation.org


Buy A Pass

(Click on highlighted links to pay with PayPal)


* Note: To receive the student rate discount, individuals must have a valid, current student ID and be actively enrolled.

Full Weekend (all workshops and mysore classes):
* $200 (early bird/student rate: $150)

Mysore Class Drop in:
*   Saturday: $35  (early bird/student rate: $25)
*   Sunday:    $35  (early bird/student rate: $25)

*    Friday March 27, 6pm-7:30 pm    $35 (early bird/student rate: $25)
*    Saturday March 28, 12pm-2pm   $70 (early bird/student rate: $50)
*    Sunday March 29, 12pm-2pm      $70 (early bird/student rate: $50)

Other forms of payment: Students are welcome to pay by check, addressed to Dawn Carr and cash is also accepted. If you’d prefer to pay through Paypal directly, you can send a Paypal payment to dawncelestecarr@gmail.com or through Venmo @Dawn-Carr-10, with the total for your workshop. Include a note indicating when you plan to attend.


The mysore classes and workshops will be held at Abundance Wellness Center (AWC), which is located at 325 John Knox Rd, Building T, Tallahassee, FL 32303. Turn into the office buildings at the stop light opposite Trousdale Aquatic Center, and when the road ends, AWC is located on the left. You can drive down the driveway to the back of the building where there is a parking lot. Enter through the back gate.

Map to AWC

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